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..and he’s off!

The day of my departure is arrived, and I am so grateful to all who supported me in my efforts to raise the money to get to this stage.

It has been a great few weeks for me; working in a wholesale fish company, dealing with salmon and sea bass. Then travelling to Holland to meet the new YSI team, who are a really great group of people. Now I am back in London, only an hour before I leave for the airport. My bags are packed, and my mind is ready, but some butterflies found their way into my stomach.

Before every great venture, butterflies is a normal experience, but in my mind there are questions of what to expect, and what could go wrong. How will I sleep in the heat coming in the next few days? I checked the weather in Tamale…38 degrees. I have to remind myself of the people who live in these places permanently. Of course, they may be used to it. But it’s hot none-the-less. I cannot complain, or find my attitude lacking, but embrace the weather and the people, the situations…and the butterflies.

My father is a missionary in Chad, working on humanitarian relief and family values education to prevent HIV/AIDS, and spends a few months every few years there. Working in temperatures which sometimes exceed 50 degrees! That is intense! Please look at the website of IRFF Wales to see more info.

I’ll try my best to get a post in the next few days. My schedule is to stay in Accra on monday and travel to Tamale on Tuesday.

Thank you, and see you soon!


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