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What will I be doing in Ghana?

Hi everybody. So my first real post will be about what I did and what I will be doing in Ghana.

My past experience in Ghana was a 17 day trip last March, involving a lot of work with and for young people; organising forums and activities, and also helping in the construction of a ‘Discovery Centre’ which would provide a space for youth group meetings, and better facilities for children. I went with an organisation called Youth Service Initiative (YSI), a one year full time volunteer program based in Holland.

I will be working with an organisation called Community Partnership for Youth and Women Development (CPYWD).  A quote from their website best summarises what they do:

CPYWD is dedicated to build partnership with the communities and to form youth and women groups (clubs). Led by interns and (community) volunteers, these groups have the chance to explore their interests and to acquire social and lifestyle skills. We focus on stimulating the social structures within and between the communities, and on building the capacity of the people. The community members are responsible for the development of their community by themselves! Through these social structures CPYWD builds the capacity of the local people. Eventually the communities should take over the lead and adapt CPYWD’s ideas and inspiration in their lifestyle.

A teamwork activity for the teenagers.

In my four month stay, I’ll help in the projects of CPYWD, including organising and facilitating after school activities, and engaging the children in activities that will stimulate them.  When in Ghana last, I organised a simple game of charades  which the children had never heard of before. With the children acting out animals that they see walking around them all day, such as goats and chickens,  I could see how a little creativity goes a long way with children who don’t have any toys to claim as their own.

A forum with school kids.


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  1. MIguel Calvis

    Patrick! im impressed! You are making REAL what others just “wish about, think about, pretend about” and finally give up. Me included… Ive been thinking about but knowing that i dont even have high school… is not maybe what God wants me to do, yet, I dont know if someday ill be doing something like this… maybe not… but I really apreciate your work ill keep checking your blog! and if you have time and are a bit bored, I wouldn mind to know by email or so, what made you go there, and what are you trying to aim there, and what your parents think, and this kinds of things!

    Anyway, Patrick, please take care and know that im sending you all my courage and good wishes to you for your next few months! 😀


    December 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm

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